Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   at present, the "computer" spend more and more time at home office, games, stereotyped essay-like routine of office space has been unable to meet the needs of people. Therefore, colorful, unique, easy to use, pay attention to character development and the humanization of office furniture is also increasing, but only a shape or function alone is not enough. Chongqing office furniture outlet factory staff, whether at home or in the Office, and office space design must be the rational basis of sensual play, that is both professional and personal. He suggested that the Chair height of many people there is no standard, so no body freed from back pain. So, how can I adjust the Office Chair to "best"? According to the nature of the work desk or workstation is adjusted to the right height. Because different desk height on the placement of the chairs has different requirements, sometimes even for a handful of seats. Once you fix the height of the desk, to keep Office conference table height and body as a "reference" to adjust the seat height.
&Nbsp;   try to select function and adjustable
&Nbsp;   a new Office Chair should not only be good to sit in comfort, both vertically and horizontally and should have a higher degree of freedom, which is adjustable amplitude.
&Nbsp;   choose a comfortable chair is vital. Good Chair with double pneumatic function can adjust the Chair height, adjustable pitch angle of the seat back.
&Nbsp;   purchase Shi, you can sat down and feel chair back whether soft hard moderate, staff chair back curve whether fit human spine of bent degrees, full support back, waist can Shu reduction back overweight pressure load, ensure right sitting; chair seat whether wide thick, full support, both can reduce body sat down Shi by human weight by produced of impact, also can soothing long-term desk Shi hip by bear of pressure, relaxation physical and mental, improve efficiency. Also note that the casters choice: whether it is safe and smooth sliding, on the carpet can freely rotate wheel plastic texture is too hard on the floor damage.