Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   spring, the weather will be getting warmer, if your House has wooden furniture, be careful not to start active bugs. How to avoid office furniture insects? if the furniture disease what to do? Chongqing office furniture Installer introduced several methods below to help you beat the "Zerg".
&Nbsp;   oil rub. Sunny has been worm-eaten wood cabinets in the Sun, with a brush or cotton dipped in diesel wood cabinets painting again. Sun for two or three hours and then paint 1, Sun, see worms die at the hole. Then wash with detergent solution and dried.
&Nbsp;   insect spray water as much as possible on or after renovation, acquisition of solid wood furniture must ensure that pest management. Spring and summer, best when opening the Windows have mosquito nets. If a white insect sprays.
&Nbsp;   paint disposal. Not suffer some corners, with raw Tung oil, shellac or varnish, paint, brush wood cabinet exterior, borers and shutting off to moth-proofing purposes. To pay attention to is that when you are brushing, and wooden cabinets on the back wall are painted in average.
&Nbsp;   pharmacy management. When insect borers damage Wood Cabinets, dichlorvos and 1:10 proportion of liquid water, sprays, overall emissions, let liquid into wood cabinets, to radiation many times in a row, after a few hours, can kill all worms. After scrubbing clean wood cabinets with clear water and dried.