Furniture knowledge
&Nbsp;   advantages:
&Nbsp;   1) is dark in color, reflect the style of antique and traditional furniture.
&Nbsp;   2) wood is heavy, giving the impression of good quality.
&Nbsp;   3) gives to General wood itself has its own flavor, especially the sandalwood.
&Nbsp;   4), hard material, high strength, abrasion resistance and good durability.
&Nbsp;   weakness:
&Nbsp;   1) because there is less production, it is difficult to have quality trees, uneven quality.
&Nbsp;   2) lines and rings are not clear, Visual effect is not clear.
&Nbsp;   3) material is heavy, not easy to handle.
&Nbsp;   4), hard material, machining difficult, and prone to cracking phenomenon.
&Nbsp;   5) greasy material, easy return to oil at high temperatures.