Office furniture material

&Nbsp;   medium-density fiberboard and Particleboard is Office furniture solid sheathing material to the two best choices. Both application significantly increased in Office furniture. Chongqing office furniture processing personnel mentioned: high-end of class Taiwan, and Conference Taiwan, and file cabinet, imitation wood products using of material General for density Board or Particleboard posted wood skin, and wood seal side, and veneer of material General for teak, and Walnut wood, and cherry wood, and oak wood, senior imports wood skin; seal side with material more for and veneer with material type same or phase match of wood wood.
&Nbsp;   fire Board is mainly used for General counter of the Office furniture. Fire Board primarily composed of paper, paper accounts for about 80% and 20% resin. Fire Board composition determining its greasy dirt-resistant, heat-resistant, resistant to most acids, easy cleaning and maintenance, not faded, keeping fresh and bright. As the fire Board surface wear-resistant, stain-resistant properties highlighted and have a price advantage and thus widely used in the employee table, and edge trim, edge and paint and other technology to get the edge you need functionality and Visual effects. Screen frame materials for aluminum alloys, decorative materials for fabric or other customer specified materials; sofa foam mainly dominated by high density sponge or shaped sponge; Office Chair pattern plate bending, Chair Chair aluminum chair legs or feet nylon feet.