Problems in buying hotel furniture

&Nbsp;   1, hotel furniture materials is reasonable
&Nbsp;   hotel furniture of different surface materials are different. Such as the legs of tables, chairs, cabinets, hardwood is required, strong, load-bearing, and materials you can use other materials; coat thickness of the Cabinet legs require a 2.5 cm, is too thick it is clumsy, thin flexible deformation; kitchen and bathroom cabinets can not use Fiberboard, fibreboard, water expands, damaged table should be washable.
&Nbsp;   found for wood poles, foam, that drying is not complete. Checked out the surface, and open the cabinet door, drawer door look inside materials have decayed, can put a pinch with your fingers, pinch it means rotten. Open door smell a smell, if it has a strong pungent, description of cement in the formaldehyde content is too high, be harmful to the human body.
&Nbsp;   2, wood moisture not more than
&Nbsp;   moisture content shall not exceed 12% of the hotel furniture or wood easy to warpage and distortion. Average consumer purchases, can take the hand method, touch end of hotel furniture by hand or where there is no paint, if it feels damp, moisture content, at least in 50%. Another approach can be to the wood didn't paint with a little water, if spread slow or spread, indicating high moisture.
&Nbsp;   3, hotel furniture, solid structure
&Nbsp;   small pieces of furniture, such as chairs, stools, hanger on selection in the cement floor, such as dragging a trailer, gently falling down, ringing, indicating better quality; if you sound dumb, had split hides noise shows mortise combined with tight, structure is not in prison.
&Nbsp;   square table, bar, Chair, legs should have four triangular clips, fixation, chosen to turn the Chair upside down and have a look.
&Nbsp;   whether the formation of
&Nbsp;   Flash on this ground will know, some hotel furniture landing on only three legs. See the desktop is straight, not bow back or fallen back. Desktop bump be tossed on a glass plate; desktop recessed, put pressure on the broken glass. Check the doors, drawer joints should not be too large, should pay attention to horizontal, door not sagging.
&Nbsp;   5, hotel furniture veneer seam lax
&Nbsp;   whether in wooden veneer, PVC is affixed pre painted on paper, put the leather note was flat, with or without swelling, blistering, seam is not strict.
&Nbsp;   checks to see, not to see it. Qu wood veneer furniture, water is not very durable, usually only two years. Veneer, edge planing veneer peeling well. Method of identifying them is to look at the pattern of wood, sliced veneer wood texture is straight and tight, rotary cut veneer pattern songs and sparse. Veneer Particleboard furniture, parts must be edge, not edging boards will absorb moisture, swell and damage. Veneer furniture corner where up pick handcuffs can be used when the corners, if one arose, using glue has a problem.